The Final Verdict!

Tuesday, November 26, 2019 - 7:00pm

And the verdict is.... 10-5 to the Pro Team! After 3 hours of deliberation on Sunday the jury delivered their final verdict just a few minutes ago.  It was a great semester full of discussion, debate, and a lot of research! We would like to thank you all for following along, but we would also like to remind you to stick around. There is still another Podcast and a Documentary about the trial on the way! Not to mention, we will be back next fall for another edition of SciCourt. Personally, as the communications team, we would like to thank all the Jury and the audience for taking time out of their weekend and coming down to Hamline University. We would like to thank the Legal, Science, and Programming Team for all the hard work they put in this semester. Finally, we would like to thank the professors for dedicating a lot of time and effort to making this class a success. Thank you again for following along, don't forget to check back soon for our final podcast and documentary!

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