The Mock Trial with a Guest Appearance from Assistant US Attorney Tim Rank

Tonight's Science Court class began our mock trial preparation for the final trial, which...believe it or not... is a mere week and a half away!  Our science team began the show tonight by presenting their domain  research to the class as a practice round for their presentations at the trial.  With expert feedback from Assistant US Attorney Tim Rank who joined us for tonight's class, the science domains are on track to tidy up their presentations for the trial and make sure that they are able to give our jury all of the necessary background research to make their final decision.  Next week, our pro and con legal teams will present their arguments in a practice round during our last class before the trial on the 23rd.  Everyone is doing some pretty incredible research and their hardwork is paying off.  We can't wait to showcase all of the work we did this semester next Saturday.  Hopefully, you'll join us as our journey comes to a rewarding end! Special thank you goes out to Mr. Rank for joining us tonight and giving us some very valuable tips on how to make our trial presentations more effective and our trial run smoothly!

For more details on what went down tonight, check out the pictures and live updates on our social media platforms using our handle @scicourt!

Student teams presenting in front of Minnesota Assistant US Attorney Tim Rank, Fall 2019