Meet Our Science, Legal, and Media Teams

To best utilize our diverse skill sets, we have divided the Science Court Class into three teams: science, legal, and media. The science team will be mainly responsible for conducting research on important domains that pertain to our topic. The legal team will use this information and be further divided into two subteams to formulate opposing arguments about grades.The media team will keep you updated on all of these processes along the way. 

Media Team
The Science Team: Ethan Robertson, Andrew Duran, Claire Lister, Daniel Miao, Jacob Wieland, Jaxon Hill, Manashri Bhor, Rachel Schulz, Roj Cosiquien​​​​​



The Science Team Conducts Research on Our Topic
Composed of members from all undergraduate grade levels and areas of study ranging from biological sciences to humanities to business, our science team comes with diverse perspectives with the aim of finding empirical evidence to support (or refute!) legal  arguments. They have divided their approach into five main areas pertaining to student assessment: education, psychology/sociology, economics/policy, history, and ethics. Stay tuned to hear about what they find! 






The Legal Team Formulates Arguments on Assessment

Legal Team
The Legal Team: Moksha Visanagiri, Taylor Hasselman, Keegan Wulf, Thomas Van Oort, Natalie Melms, Ileana Wasco (not pictured)

Using the information provided by the science team, the legal team constructs arguments about student assessment. These two teams work very closely together to identify and explore areas that will be important to consider at the trial. We’ve divided the legal team into two subgroups: a refine “pro” and reform “con,” each being tasked with slightly different objectives. The refine team argues that the current grading system, while ineffective, can be modified to yield more optimal results, while the reform team argues a complete overhaul is needed. Join us in the trial to see who wins!




Media Team

The Media Team: Katy Berg, Ellie Schwartzman, Parth Gandhi, Amy Hoskins


The Media Team will Keep You Updated
Our goal is to not only internally discuss the issues of the current grading system, but also to encourage others to join the conversation. The media team will update you on the science team’s research and the legal team’s presentations along the way on this blog page and via our various social media channels (Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook). Also, we will be holding a Town Hall on March 30th. Please feel free to mark this in your calendar if you’d like to join the conversation or are looking to learn more!