Propose a Case

Do you have an idea for a case that you would like tried in Science Court?

A good Science Court case should satisfy the following six criteria:

1- It deals with an important issue.

2- It is controversial and leads to impassioned discussion.

3- There is widespread interest in the topic.

4- The topic is complex involving many domains for which scientifically sound research and/or reliable data is available.

5- There are good arguments to be made on both the pro and con sides.

6- The case statement is concise and details a specific action by a specific entity.

If you think your case satisfies the above criteria, fill in the form below and we will follow up with you.

Provide a concise statement of the case. It should be phrased as a question to the jury and should define a clear action by s specific entity. An example is our 2018 Science Court case: "Should the State of Minnesota implement a 1:1 technology program in K-12 public schools, assigning one device (laptop or tablet) to every student for educational use in school and at home?"
Provide a brief description of your case. How does it satisfy the six requirements for a good SciCourt case given above?