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Science Court is project designed to combat polarization in American society and strengthen democracy. It is run as an interdisciplinary course in the University of Minnesota Honors Program involving students from across the university. The students select a controversial issue and spend an entire semester studying it in depth to determine the facts (based on sound scientific research) and then argue it in a mock trial in front of a jury of citizens with a mix of views and backgrounds. The public is engaged and educated through compelling audio, video and online content generated by the students about the preparations, trial and verdict. The trial is open to the public.


Should the State of Minnesota implement a 1:1 technology program in K-12 public schools, assigning one device (laptop or tablet) to every student for educational use in school and at home?

Kids in school with their iPads

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Do you think the State of Minnesota should implement a 1:1 Technology program (providing a laptop or tablet to every K-12 student)?


What is 1:1 Tech?

Watch this video, by Porter Larkin, to learn more about what 1:1 Tech really means!

The Evidence: What’s In and What’s Out

Listen to Episode 5 of our Podcast for an overview of the pretrial hearing by Luke Diamond:

We’re moving into the next phase of Science Court, as it’s time for the pre-trial evidence review. That means today is the day the judge will decide which science-based evidence will be allowed in the trial.

How to Make Your SciCourt Case Clear

Watch the video above, by Porter Larkin, to see a recap of all our guest speakers! Continue reading to hear from our latest guest speaker U.S. Attorney Tim Rank!


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Upcoming Events

The Science Court trial will take place at the University of Minnesota Law School, Mondale Hall, Room 25:

  • Trial (part 1) - Tue, 11/27/18, 6-9pm
  • Trial (part 2) - Tue, 12/4/18, 6-9pm
  • Verdict  - Tue, 12/11/18, 6-7pm

The verdict will be followed by a public discussion on the issues. The events are free and open to the public. No reservation is required to attend. For more information see here.

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To get updates on the progress of the SciCourt case, please email tadmor@umn.edu to be added to the SciCourt distribution list.