Evidence Challenge: What's In and What's Out?

Yesterday evening, our Science and Legal Teams participated in the Science Court Pre-Trial Evidence Review Challenge.  The members of the Science Team presented the sources that the class and instructors decided should be challenged on the grounds of relevance and cause.  Each domain group argued why their sources should not be thrown out of the usable evidence pool for the trial.  Judge Bill McGinnis, along with help from our guest Scientific Sources Expert, then heard arguments from both the pro and con legal teams on why they thought the Science Team's sources should be kept in evidence or removed altogether.  After some very convincing research presentations and legal arguments, Judge McGinnis made his final decision and threw out 4 of the 5 sources argued on grounds of cause in addition to removing 2 of the 5 sources argued on grounds of relevance.  That's a wrap on our pre-trial evidence review, so now you might be wondering what happens next? Stay tuned to keep up to date on the next few weeks of preparation for the our culminating semester event: the much awaited trial.  What will the jury decide? 

Four images from the Science Court pretrial evidence review, Fall 2019